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Jet Ops operate flights for Seawings and provides seaplane charter services to a range of clients. We understand seaplanes from the inside, and ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits. All our aircraft charters are fully customisable for every client and designed using a consultative approach.

Premium Transfers with Seaplane Charter

Every seaplane charter provides a sublime air tour as standard. These amphibious aircraft are used for sightseeing flights by Seawings, an experience that the New York Times rated as the number one thing to do in Dubai. But there’s far more to the seaplane journey than aesthetics. A seaplane remains the most efficient and flexible air charter found in the UAE. Able to operate during all daylight hours, these charters provide point to point routes that remove or dramatically reduce land transfers.

For corporate and private individuals, a seaplane charter provides expedited travel between destinations all across the region. There are no traffic queues, road signals, or circular routes around the mountains. Seaplanes are fast and efficient while providing immediate access to a huge range of five-star resorts, sports venues, destinations, and conference venues across the Emirates. Rather than go through the main entrance you can land on a private beach and step straight from the plane into your destination.

Seaplane Charter for Multiple Uses

Our seaplanes are chartered by a rich variety of clients. They’re used by wealthy individuals on vacation to the UAE, particularly those looking for exclusive transfers to remote resorts in Zighy Bay or Sir Bani Yas. Corporate clients use the seaplanes as incentives to reward staff and premium experiences to impress new clients. Couples charter the Cessna 208 Caravan for a honeymoon celebration while conference organisers charter multiple seaplanes to move hundreds of guests in a tight time period.

Versatile Seaplane Charters in the UAE

Luxury seaplanes first landed in the UAE in the 1930’s. We’ve revived the concept in the new millennium to provide elevated aviation solutions for clients all across the region. Seaplanes have the unique ability to land on the water, opening up a vast network of routes that provide convenient point to point transfers in the UAE. Land transfers are drastically reduced or removed, with the seaplanes able to land at international airports and various points along the Arabian Gulf. These amphibious aircraft are more versatile that typical private jet charters, revelling in their ability to land on both water and runways. This creates a flexible array of landing locations and flight routes that traditional aircraft are unable to match. While our seaplanes can land at the international airports, they can also touch down on various strips of water around the Arabian Gulf.

We currently operate a fleet of Cessna 208 Caravans that have been custom-made to provide all passengers with uninterrupted aerial sightseeing over the Emirates. Nine spacious leather seats are complemented with personal viewing windows and the cabin is fully air-conditioned. The engine whirl of a seaplane is far quieter than with a Dubai helicopter charter and there’s always an exhilaration to taking off and landing on the water.

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